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Professional Resources For Entertainers & Entertainment Business Owners


New & Additional Entertainment Business Resources From The Entertainment Business Center

We are proud to present these recent additional resources from Entertainment Business Success (EBS). These industry resources are created for entertainers and entertainment business owners and are designed to work well with our EBS coaching, training, and educational programs and offerings.
The professional resources featured on this site are being offered only through this website at a special discount price of approx. 33% of their regular pricing.
We have created these entertainment industry-specific resources as part of our continued efforts to provide professional tools and resources to support and assist you in the education, operation, and growth of your performing and entertainment business. These are a great addition to any beginner or experienced professionals' resource library.
Entertainer’s Gig Checklist
There is nothing more important to an entertainer than making sure you have everything you need to execute EntertainersGigChecklist100.jpgyour performance, offer BOR/merchandise, and promote your business at each and every show you perform. This requires remembering to pack, carry, and bring everything you will need to each event.

Whether you are a beginner or a longtime season pro, it is inevitable that you will miss or forget something. If this hasn’t happened to you, trust me it will.

The Entertainer’s Gig Checklist is a list of over 100 items that may be a part of most performer’s needs or requirements for a smooth, worry-free performance and on-site operations. We have 9 different categories in the checklist, plus areas for you to write in any custom or specific-to-you additions.

Best of all, the Entertainer’s Gig Checklist is an interactive file using a laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices as you can check or uncheck each item as you have packed it or taken inventory to check it off of your list. You may also add your own things to the extra interactive, customizable fill-in fields in each category.

This is especially helpful if you have to pack and load things from two or more locations (home, office, storage, studio, etc.) as you can refer back to the checklist over and over again as needed.

The Entertainer’s Gig Checklist is a professional resource useful to all levels and types of performance and entertainers. Just preventing one mishap, crucial component, or performance-affecting problem, this tool will prevent frustration, compromising your professionalism, and make this one of the most valuable operational tools that will pay for itself many times over. A must for all mobile entertainers. 



Competition Analysis Workbook
To achieve success in business and to have a strong position in your market(s) you must know what other options CompetitionAnalysis100.jpgand choices are available to your prospective clients and customers.

Whether direct or indirect, we must always know and keep an eye on our competition. This should be part of your research process. Identifying, learning, and knowing who is also targeting your same ideal prospects, what they are offering, and many other details and insights into these businesses.

Gaining intel of your competitors is a key factor to having market knowledge and to determine how you perceive the competition and the possible relationship you may have with them.

What do they offer, what is their level of experience, professionalism, pricing, target areas, size of their business?  Knowing these and many other important factors can help your business and operations in many ways.

Do not fall into the false belief that you do not have any competition, you do. Even if you have a very unique offering and positioning, there are always other businesses competing for the same available dollars from your prospects.

Conducting such research and information and then determining how it may affect your business is so important to know at all times and is a key component to the foundational level of your business

This Competition Analysis Workbook is designed to allow you to record valuable information on competition and others in your market through a variety of questions, a rating, and a multifaceted profile. Complete a profile for each business in your market you feel may be direct or indirect competition, businesses to watch, and even businesses that are different than yours yet are seeking the same audience, as these may be a consideration for joint ventures in the future.

There is also a field for you to add any special notes or to customize as you choose.

This Competition Analysis Workbook is interactive as you can input information right into each field in the profile. Just always remember to save your work before closing to be sure not to lose any of your information.

Complete a separate sheet for every applicable business necessary in your market(s), niche, or geographical areas as needed.

We hope you will find the Competition Analysis Workbook a valuable reference and resource tool that you will refer to over and over again in different facets of your business and operations.



The Truth About Gigmasters & Other Online Listing Services
Many performers discover the online listing services targeted to entertainers such as Gigmasters, Gig Salad, GigmastersCover100.jpgParty Pop, and others. I am constantly getting PMs, emails, and questions from my coaching students and consulting clients asking me about my thoughts and insights on these services.

Truth be told, there are many misperceptions about these services, some intentionally made by the services themselves, but mostly others made by uninformed performers with only limited knowledge.

I wrote an overview of the services and kind of a how-to operations guide for some of my clients/students to offer a more in-depth look at these services, with emphasis on presenting the truths, realities, and the proper perceptions to allow you a much deeper understanding of the working of these services.

Learn how to get the most out of these services and to get an edge on the competition in your market. This inside information comes from a combination or industry knowledge and insight from a former employee of one of these services.

Learn what they are and what they are not. Why some performers always seem to get all the booking in your area. Why many have tried these services unsuccessfully based on only a surface understanding. Having the right expectations.

This is the information you need that will help you properly understand these services, how they can fit into your business model and marketing plan, and how to get the greatest results and ROI (Return On Investment) for your marketing dollar.

Also, you will find tips and tricks that can allow you even greater profits, returns, other often unseen benefits, and additional booking opportunities than most other members of these services. The information provided in this resource can easily take you to the top 10% of members in your market.



50 Things Working Against And Missing From Most Entertainer’s Businesses 
Entertainment business is unique. Very few resources have been available over the last 50 years regarding how to 50ThingsCover100.jpgsuccessfully run, operate, and execute a profitable entertainment business. Most just operate by the seat of their pants based on their own thoughts and beliefs.

I work with hundreds of performers, entertainers, and entertainment business owners each year. Through my resources, entertainment forum communities, and emails, I correspond with thousands of performers each year. Through these mediums, I am often asked many questions about entertainment business from an industry position.

I am amazed that performers tend to run their businesses so poorly, if as a business at all. I immediately see all kinds of problems, mistakes, missteps, and misperceptions in the business operations of these performers. Many times it is the same issues over and over. This has also allowed me to see the key missing components from many performer’s business operations.

Due to this, I decided to create a resource of the top 10 things I continually see. Very quickly I realized 10 wasn’t enough as there are literally hundreds of these. So I decided to determine 50 of the most common or popular mistakes, mishaps, misconceptions, and missing elements working against and missing from most entertainer’s businesses.

These include many of the mistakes, mishaps, misperceptions, misunderstood areas, omissions, missteps, and missing elements that can make a huge difference when correctly identified, understood, and implemented properly.

These apply across the board to all types of performers and entertainment business owners of all levels from beginners to seasoned professionals. I assure you these can be breakthroughs for many business operations that can allow you to operate more productively, efficiently, and profitably.

When performers ask what is missing from my current business operations? These 50 things are an excellent detailed starting point. These can be game-changers. A Must-have for all entertainment business operators.

67 Pages



Las Vegas Lecture Notes
I was honored to be asked to lecture to some of the greatest minds and mental performers in Las Vegas at the world’s premier convention…MINDVENTION!
From the news release…
America’s leading authority on entertainment business will be presenting “Creating A Successful Entertainment Business - The Truths, Misconceptions & Reality Of Entertainment Business”

This lecture is for all types of performers from beginners to current working pros including comedians, magicians, mentalists, hypnotists, jugglers, disc jockeys, bands, soloists, duos, vocalists, caricature artists, balloonists, bounce house businesses, costumed characters, and specialty performers of all types.

You may be considering or have decided to take your performing into a business. Perhaps it is for the income? Or to make a living or part-time income doing something you enjoy. Or is it to have your own business, be your own boss and make all of your hard work and efforts go to you instead of someone else? Is it simply because you enjoy your art so much you really can’t stop thinking of anything else? Is it something you feel like you have to do or at least try or you feel you may regret it for the rest of your life? Or is it something other for you?

We each have our own reasons, yet I have worked with performers having each of these personal reasons.

Turning your performing into a business requires a new mindset and shift in thinking, perceptions, and how you approach your performing.

There are new things to think about such as how to conduct business, creating and having a commercially viable and appealing show tailored for your target audience or market, profitability, margins, producing and traveling with your show, sound systems, marketing, advertising and promotion, customer service, sales, and so much more.

To some, this sounds exciting. Exhilarating! Yet to others this may seem like a lot of new territories, overwhelming, and even dreadful.

The first thing to realize when starting or operating a performance business is you are moving from just being a performer or an artist, to becoming a business person, an entrepreneur. It requires learning, understanding, and hopefully one day mastering an entirely new skill set.

Operating an entertainment business is different from a conventional business as I believe there are a completely different set of rules for entertainment businesses

In this lecture I cover…

- Turning Your Performing Into A Business
- Operating An Entertainment Business And How It Differs From Conventional Business
- The Important And Foundational Questions That Must Be Answered
- Operating As A Professional
- Why Many Entertainers Fail
- Determination Of Performance Markets
- Determination Of Geographical Markets
- Having A Marketable Performance
- How To Determine Your Pricing And Positioning Separating Yourself From Others
- Having The Right Forms, Documents, Contracts, Promotional Materials & Tools To Protect
  Yourself and Operate Professionally
- Going To Market & Getting Bookings
- Working With Agencies Vs. Being Self-Represented
- The One Secret Weapon Every Performer & Entertainment Business Must Have

And Much More

These are the digital lecture notes (pdf) for the entire lecture. I still have people coming up to me telling me what great info I provided and how it was transforming and inspirational to them. Many performers have weak business skills or try to operate their business using conventional business approaches which they soon find out is much different than entertainment business. While some basic things may be adaptable but they soon realize it becomes like trying to put a square peg into a round hole.

This Las Vegas lecture is a great starting point to learn specifically about entertainment business, having the proper foundation, and developing operations designed for performers on all levels. For those who couldn’t attend the Las Vegas event, these lecture notes are the next best thing!



Are You A New Or Beginning Performer Asking Yourself...
Where Do I Go To Gain Initial Performing Experience?

How Do I Get Stage Time As A Beginning Performer?
These are common questions that new and beginning performers are faced with when they are ready to start performing publicly for more than just family and friends. Now these questions and others are finally answered in this specally desigend combination of ebooks.
Getting Initial Performing Experience & Stage Time - A Guide To Getting Your First Performance Opportunities, Open Mic Nights And Initial Bookings for Beginning Performers is the completely revised and updated resource that was originally released as a simple nine page guide for starting performers. Now it has been expanded into a full 52-page ebook that will arm new or beginning performers with the inside information they need to know to find initial performance and stage time, and how to approach these initial performance opportunities to best prepare and position themselves for great results.
Among the things you will discover in this resource:
- Learn How To Get Your First Public Performance Opportunities

- How To Create The Best Performance Opportunities For Beginning Performers

- Having The Right Mindset & Mentality

- Learn The Truths About Open Mic Nights

- What Are The Differences Between Open Mic And New Talent Nights?

- Inside Information Into Open Mics, New Talent Showcases, Comedy Clubs, Charity Events, Senior Events, Busking & More

- What New Or First-Time Performers Need To Know That Other’s Don’t Tell You

- How You Can Make Money As A Beginning Performer


….and much more


Plus… Resources to help you find the Open Mic Nights in your area or in many places you may travel.


Now for the first time ever you can get the bonus ebook 15 Tips For Successful Open Mic Performances featuring some very specific information on opportunities for performing at Open Mic Nights.
These tips will help assist you to find the best Open Mics in your area, have the best performance possible, and connect with the audience and everyone involved in the production from the host to the venue staff and management.
The tips and insider's information offered in this ebook work for all types of performers, as well as all types of Open Mics and venues.
Tips for being properly prepared for your Open Mic performance, how to be confident in your performance, understanding entry or registration procedures, and much more.
Plus… One More Thing...a bonus tip not often discussed and unknown to most new or beginning performers that can give your and your performance the edge to having a successful performance each time.
2 Great Ebooks For One Great Price!

Special Offer $24.99 For Both!
(Regularly $19.99 and $14.99 each)






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