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A Unique, One-Of-A-Kind Opportunity For Entertainers And Entertainment Business Owners!

Rarely is it possible to tap into the mind, knowledge, and experience of a 35+ year entertainment industry veteran who has uniquely held all major entertainment industry positions including being a full-time nationally touring performer, an agent and multiple agency owner, an international talent broker, a promoter of venues and events nationwide, a producer, a T.V./radio personality, and a press and media specialist.
Our Entertainer Business Success (EBS) coaching, consulting, mentoring, and training offers you direct access to the insight, knowledge, and experience of a true entertainment industry insider.

Build, Transform, And Fast-Track Your Entertainment Business - Starting Today!

We will work together based on your specific needs, interests, and problem areas. You will learn business development and operations from an industry position and perspective, not from me-based perspectives or that of other performers who are still trying to figure things out themselves.
Why An Entertainment Business Coach, Consultant, Or Mentor?
Many other types of “performers” such as athletes, actors, dancers, and even expert business entrepreneurs have regularly used a coach or mentor to realize and reach their goals and true potential. Many, like Tiger Woods and other top-of-the-field “performers”, continue to have a coach even once they reach their desired levels of success to maintain and sustain their careers and businesses.

Now, as entertainers and entertainment business owners, the very same coaching and training is now available to you.
Simply Put, EBS Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, And Training Can Help You
Create The Entertainment Business And Career Of Your Dreams

From creating the proper and right foundation for your performing business, to understanding the business from the inside out, to creating the performance best for your market and business model, to uniquely positioning your business within your market(s), EBS will be the secret weapon to your success.

EBS Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, And Training Services Are The Best Investments
You Can Make In Your Business And Overall Success
We listen, ask questions, and delve into your real concerns and issues based on complete honesty. We’ll focus on helping you create the business you desire, attaining your goals, while learning entertainment business on a deeper level than most others through our own proprietary methods, techniques, knowledge, and applications. This is information you will not get or find anywhere else.

Investing In Your Dreams, Investing In Yourself, Investing In Your Business, Investing In Your Future!

As both performers and business owners, we have to invest in our success. Coaching is one of the absolute best investments you can make in your performing and business. Coaching not only allows for the fastest, most direct way of learning the things specifically related to your business, but it also can offer the greatest return on your investment (ROI). In a world where many don't know what to do, how to do it, and in what sequential order, investing in your business should be one of your first and most important steps to success.
Coaching Is The Fastest, Most Direct Way To Reach Your Goals And Establish Your Entertainment Business Within Your Market(s)
Let EBS Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, And Training Help You Take Your Entertainment Business To The Next Level

Coaching, Consulting & Training Programs-Options

EBS currently offers Consulting, Coaching, and Mentoring services on several different levels - Basic, Advanced, and Premium.
Basic Level Coaching is available to accepted applicants from all levels of entertainment experience from amateurs to semi-professionals to various levels of
Advanced Level - Entertainment Success is available to accepted applicant entertainers that are currently enrolled in or have completed our Getting Started In
Entertainment Program, live events, or have completed Basic Level Coaching.
Premium Level - Entertainment Gold Coaching is available to only accepted applicants who perform professionally and have successfully completed our Entertainment Success Level program, live training events, and/or coaching. live training events, and/or coaching. This is typically for seasoned professionals, usually full-timers as well as nationally known celebrity talent.
Coaching includes:
Weekly Coaching Calls
Personalized framework of weekly content
Unlimited e-mail access related to current areas of coaching content
Progress support
Weekly Coaching Calls Include...
Initial Overview Consultation
Coaching Questionnaire
Entertainment Business/Operation Analysis
Promo, website critique
Past & current client review
Identify and assess current obstacles, problem areas, undeveloped areas
Create coaching-term goals
Present basic, initial operational decisions - markets, performance(s), pricing
Create a new plan of operation and procedures
Determination of immediate goals in progressive order
Determination of performance markets
Determination of interests and needs of determined markets
Create proper required perspectives
Create designed positioning
Create Prime Customer Profile
Break down client's expectations
Giving the client what they want (even if they may not know what that is)
Required image & professional persona
Creation of complete business system (6 and 12-month coaching only)
Create, revise specialized marketing materials
Basic marketing overview, create initial plan
Results-driven actions, approaches, procedures
Basic Forms and Materials
Structuring & rehearsing level of performance for specific markets
Multiple streams of income and profitability
BOR & Merchandising
Consulting & Coaching Programs (Basic Level)
1-Hour Phone Consultation
A 60-minute phone session to discuss your topic and areas of interest, pick our brains and knowledge base, and to address any specific questions you may have about creating or starting your entertainment and/or performing business, or pertaining to your current and existing business and operations.
1-Hour Skype/Zoom Consultation
A 60-minute Skype/Zoom session to discuss your topic and areas of interest, pick our brains and knowledge base, and to address any specific questions you may have about creating or starting your entertainment and/or performing business, or pertaining to your current and existing business and operations.
Entertainment Business/Operations Analysis - An immediate assessment of your current operation, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and providing input and
professional overview of your current entertainment business and operation.
14-Day Consultation - 1 weekly 60-minute phone session for two weeks offering professional advice and consultation based on your current situation and immediate
questions and interests, addressing your main and priority interests and concerns. Recommendations for improvement and advancement in these specific areas of your
business operation.

30-Day Coaching - 1 weekly 60-minute phone session for four weeks offering the coaching structure as outlined above based on your current interest and needs,
implementing concepts, procedures, and modalities from my education programs and systems. Includes unlimited e-mail access related to current areas of coaching content!
and progress support.

60-Day Coaching - 1 weekly 60-minute phone session for eight weeks offering the coaching structure as outlined above based on your current interest and needs,
implementing concepts, procedures, and modalities from my education programs and systems. Includes unlimited e-mail access related to current areas of coaching content!
and progress support.
90-Day Coaching - 1 weekly 60-minute phone session for twelve weeks offering the coaching structure as outlined above based your current interest and needs
implementing concepts, procedures and modalities from my education programs and systems. Includes unlimited e-mail access related to current areas of coaching content!
and progress support.
6-Month Coaching - 1 weekly 60-minute phone session for twenty-four weeks offering the coaching structure as outlined above based on your current interest and needs,
implementing concepts, procedures, and modalities from my education programs and systems. Includes unlimited e-mail access related to current areas of coaching content!
and progress support.
12-Month Coaching - 1 weekly 60-minute phone session for forty-eight weeks offering the coaching structure as outlined above based on your current interest and needs,
implementing concepts, procedures, and modalities from my education programs and systems. Includes unlimited e-mail access related to current areas of coaching content!
and progress support.
12-Month Full-Access Direct Coaching, Consulting & Mentoring - Full, direct-access to the EBS team as part of your business 364-days-a-year including all areas of entertainment business development, operations, and growth. This program offers unprecedented direct access to all of our knowledge and resources in all areas of your entertainment business making us part of your business team. Planning, strategies, goals and projections, marketing, sales, bookings, training, press and media, and so much more in all facets of your operations. Expert guidance, experience, and knowledge at your fingertips when you need it. The greatest investment you can make to your entertainment business.
Also available:
Advance Level Coaching-Entertainment Success
Premium Level Coaching-Entertainment Gold
Speaker Business Training
Speaker Business Coaching
Show/Performance Consulting
Design and creation of a show specifically for your selected target performance market(s). Includes everything to get you performance-ready - layout, structure,
progression, persona, scripting, blocking and stagecraft, audience participation, promotion from the stage. Also includes evaluation of your current performance(s) and
promotional and premium materials.
   30-Day Coaching
   60-Day Coaching
   90-Day Coaching
   6-Months Coaching
Entertainer Coaching
Personal one-on-one coaching focusing entirely on your performance(s). Beginners learn how to create, format, and structure your performance, and current performers can
learn how to improve, tweak and take your performance to the next level, while getting your performance “market-ready”.
Show/Performance Training:
- How To Create A Commercial Mass-Appeal Show
- Creating A Performance Personality
- Personality 1st, Your Type Of Performance Discipline 2nd
- Knowledge Of Being An Entertainer On A Greater Level Than Local Part-Time (regional, national, celebrity)
- Audience Participation - Management Of Audience - 1 On 1 With Spectators
- Specialized attention to any problem or specific area that you feel needs improving, a better understanding or overhauling
Press & Media Coaching
Personal one-on-one or group coaching in the art of understanding, obtaining, and executing Press & Media coverage for entertainers, agents, and promoters.
Understanding the media, how it works, a breakdown of the various types of media, social media, media language and formats, understanding and creating effective and
results-driven press releases, creating and maintaining media contacts, media time tables, becoming a good media guest, optimizing media appearances for maximum
benefits and profits, media for merchandise and product sales, understanding the different types of media appearances, and much more. Generating great media
coverage can create thousands of dollars in exposure and promotion, create brand awareness and positioning. Also, over 25 ways to use and benefit from the media. Ideal
for entertainers, agencies, promoters, and touring productions.
   Personal Coaching/Training
   Small-Group (six or less)
   Group (seven or more)
K-12 School Market Success Coaching/Training
The K-12 School Market is one of the most lucrative performance and business markets available for performers, speakers and educational presenters.k12logo.jpg

It is also one of the most misunderstood markets among these artists. There are many misunderstandings and misperceptions of the “school market” by entertainers and presenters due primarily to the surface appearance of the market and the common perceptions created by those attempting to try the school market from only a very basic surface level.

Most of these artists approach the school market as a consumer market with consumer mentalities and approaches. This is the first mistake or misperception of this market. The school market is a professional market by all accounts with professional associations, resources, and specific businesses and vendors serving the market. Within this professional market are some very unique aspects that can mislead some to view it as a typical consumer market. It is important to understand this difference on all levels to create the proper approach, foundation, and business model when serving this market.

This specialized education and business training program dives deeply into the many facets of the K-12 Education Market to provide the most comprehensive education available anywhere.

The information provided in this program is the detailed information that remains unknown to most performers, speakers, and presenters attempting to service this market or only operating on a very basic and surface level.

You will learn the whats, whys, hows and whens of the workings of this market thoroughly, accompanied with all of the implementation of this valued information.

This information can easily allow you to earn six-figures in the school market, getting to a seven figure possibility quicker than most any market I have experienced.

This program could easily be priced at $20,000 or even $50,000 and STILL allow you to profit within just your first year or two. That is true value!

In this professional, specialized training and education you will learn:   

- Why the K-12 School Market contains some of the greatest business opportunities for performers, speakers and presenters
- How to understand the difference between entertainment and educational offerings
- Learn the school markets perceptions and mentalities
- Why the school market is a constant market in motion and what that means to you
- How the school market works from the inside
- Why schools want and need specialized programming
- How to understand school budgets and financial resources
- Why schools need multiple and consistent marketing impressions
- How to participate in professional school market associations
- Who the direct contacts are for different types of events and bookings within the school market
- Market timetables for all grade levels of K-12 Schools
- Learn the art of “School Sales” and how to speak their language that resonates with them and positions you over others
- Always understand the needs of the schools and school market first and foremost
- How to use multiple targeted campaigns simultaneously directed at several different school target contacts (assemblies, fundraisers, entertainment, leadership, etc.)
- Learn the common misperception of the school market and how you can use this information to properly position your business as a top player in your market
- Learn specifically how to target elementary, middle and high schools - complete strategies for each
- How to communicate with schools of all levels and interests
- How to take all of this specific information to create a business operational system specifically for your business and market
- What are Teacher’s Notes and Student’s Notes and how they can create value to your business
- The role of School Fundraisers and what they can mean to your business success - huge opportunities!
- Learn the most lucrative and profitable interests of the school market
- Learn advance opportunities in the school market that are little known even to longtime professionals
- Learn the key different available business models to serve the school market
- How to create your programs, performances, and educational programs specifically to the exact interests and needs of the school market
- The Program templates we have used successfully for over decades to create and present the best school programs and presentations
- Everything you need to know about sound and video systems and all of the tech knowledge and requirements of school venues and equipment
- Understand pricing options and strategies in the school market
- How to secure sponsorships for your school programs, performances and presentations
- How to assist your schools to obtain educational grants to fund your school programs at any price points
- How to sell products and merchandise at school events and within the school market
- Complete resources of school districts, market/industry resources, publications, lists of State Boards of Education, over 30 direct school contacts for all types of programs and bookings, lists of school market professional associations, and much, much more

As we continue though this specialized training you will see our specialized keys and strategies in action and applicable to many facets of the school market. They are your keys to success in this marketplace.

The Entertainment Business Success K-12 School Market Success training can be one of the best investments you can make to become a professional leader in the school market in your area.

The school market offers more unique benefits and opportunities -more than any other professional performance market, yet is one of the most misunderstood performance markets anywhere.

Let our K-12 School Market Success training catapult your business to the top of your market, generating fantastic profits, return and residual business, positioning, and credibility that is simply unavailable from most other performance markets.
Entertainment Business Success Fundraising Program 
Fundraisers are big business. I firmly believe every professional entertainer and entertainment business should have a Fundraising offering. While there are many product-based fundraisers available, there is nothing at all comparable to a Live Entertainment Fundraiser. It features all of the elements to mutual success for both your business and the hosting group, creating a true win-win or win-win-win business model for all involved. Hosts are often able to earn far more than most product-based fundraisers, and most of all entertainment fundraisers can be a fun and exciting family and community event to create memories for years to come.

Our program has many built-in elements to often make our Live Event Entertainment Fundraiser an annual event, year after year, generating excellent return bookings.
The Entertainment Business Success Fundraising Program can take your performance to another level through offering a much more dynamic and all-encompassing production, featuring your headlining performance (or if you choose, other headlining performances that you represent or offer) combined with a multi-faceted fundraising program. This program includes everything you will need to offer a professional Live Entertainment Fundraiser to show your clients how to properly host, promote, sell tickets, create multiple sources of income, and how to assist them throughout the entire event from their first meeting to the wrap party for the hosts, their volunteers, and of course the performers.
Over 30 samples, templates, forms, letters, order forms, promotional materials, flyers, artwork, sample sponsorship packages, goal sheets, receipts, scripts, sales presentations, press release, and other resources to make the creation of your own materials easier than ever.
This is the set-by-step fundraising system that every performer should have in their business offerings. The entire program can literally pay for itself in just a booking or two depending on the options and models you choose. This program can easily add five, six, or even seven figures to your entertainment business. This is a true investment in your business success. For many, it can allow your entertainment business to open up a whole new aspect, area, or division to your business.
This is a time-tested program that will allow you and your business to profit and help your community hosts over and over again for years to come. Best of all it can be implemented by just a single person or if you prefer, your own fundraising team of specialists. Let the Entertainment Business Success Fundraising Program work for you!
Entertainment Agent/Agency Coaching/Training
Personal one-on-one training and coaching for becoming an Entertainment Agent (Sales & Booking Representative) or starting an Entertainment Agency. Intensive and comprehensive content in the foundational and executional differences of selling live entertainment or attractions. Understanding the differences between entertainment sales/booking and conventional sales. Selling on both an emotional and physical level. The breaking down and comprehensive understanding of different performance markets and specialized selling techniques to each market. Developing relation-based sales, the five types of entertainment bookings, budget-control, artist representation, industry resources, operational plans and structure, artist relationships, understanding the differences, and working relationships between agents and managers. A basic understanding of promoters and working with them to increase your bookings. Roster development, marketing & promotion of your artists, contracts and riders, promotional materials, and much more.
Four-Wall Training Program & Coaching
The pinnacle for any entertainer is to have their own self-produced show whether in a permanent venue location or as a touring production. 2 and 4-Walling is the coveted operational business structure and operational format that make this possible. Its what has allowed touring to become the top-grossing aspect of many entertainers and entertainment productions, it is what 95% of Las Vegas and other resort and tourist areas are now based upon, and it is what performers strive to achieve as the pinnacle of their performing careers.

This coveted business model while simple is not easy. There are stories upon stories of performers that have struggled with 2/4-Walling, others that have lost large amounts of money in failed productions, and others that are too gun-shy to attempt to live their dreams. This is all due to two things - 1. Lack of understanding of the entire, all-aspects world of 4-Walling and EVERYTHING it entails, and 2. Not approaching this as its own performance market and how it is greatly different than most standard paid markets.
Even worse is trying to figure this out on your own without the proper knowledge, all necessary components required, and the proper business model. This simply is not something one can figure out on their own with only a surface understanding and your own thoughts. 
The EBS Four-Walling Program is the most complete, most accurate, and most detailed training in this very specific and yet most misunderstood business model of the live entertainment industry. You will learn all facets of this business model from complete model education including venue selection, requirements, negotiations and contracts, pre-production, marketing, press and media, the production, post-production, all of the possible streams and sources of income including all of the variable models within this business model, merchandising, sponsorships, investors, and so much more.
This is the ultimate training for any performer, entertainer, producer, promoter, and even venue owner/operator. Not for the faint of heart, but truly the real-world, non-sugar- coated, give-it-to-me-straight industry information that is rarely shared by those successful in this business model, and never offered in such completeness anywhere past or present. This is the real deal. 
Wedding Market Training & Coaching
The wedding market is a fantastic entertainment market. While a mainstay market for musicians, vocalists, bands and Disc Jockeys, it also offer some greta opportunities for other types of entertainers including variety performers and attractions.

While this is a professional market it is a very misunderstood market by many, especially those used to operating in consumer markets. Understand the market on an industry level allows entertainers and entertainment businesses to operate with a distinct advantage while offering a world of opportunity and profitability.

The wedding day is a lifetime event for many and along with this it carries a greta deal of professionalism and responsibility. Understanding the wedding market from within, from an industry perspective is key to success in the wedding market.

Our Wedding Market Training & Coaching reveals all if the industry insight and secrets to allow performers, entertainers, entertainment businesses, attractions, and others seeking to establish themselves in this longstanding professional market everything they need to offer your business the competitive advantage while quickly rising to the top of your market.

Mobile DJ Business Training & Coaching
The Disc Jockey industry has been one of the most versatile and established performance opportunities of the last 40 years. While DJs can perform at nightclubs, it is the Mobile Disc Jockey that offers the most opportunities. Mobile DJs can perform at such a wide variety of events (compared to many other types of performers) including weddings, corporate events, schools, cruise ships, private events, fairs and festivals, community events, and so many other pubic and private events and lifetime celebrations.

The DJ is many things at these events - they of course provide the right mix of music for each market and event in which they perform, but they are also a coordinator, host and master of ceremonies, and high-profile personality. They lead the event, they are the entertainer, and they control many facets of these events. They are a specialist that many consumers and event planners turn to for their specialized knowledge, experience, and expertise.

While a Mobile DJ wear many hats, there are many nuances to the business operations of each of these markets required in order to succeed and obtain this professional status.

Many DJs are “self-taught” doing things they way they want or feel without such professional insights which leads to many problems both in performance and well as in their business operations.

The Mobile DJ industry has grown and evolved to a very specialized industry with their own professional protocol, equipment, and even music to adhere to a level of standards. Our Mobile DJ Business Training & Coaching teaches you all of the aspects to a successful business operations. There is much more to being a DJ than just having a decent music library and doing some marketing. In this training and coaching you will learn all facets of this business operations, insight, specialized knowledge, market specialization, entertainment business sales, customer relations, customer retention, and literally so much more to arm you with everything you need to know to run a successful, highly-profitable business operation from its inception.

As one of the pioneers of the mobile DJ industry we were there from the very start and played a key part in creating some of the most successful DJs and business operations in the country. Now you can let our highly-coveted experience and reputation work for you and be a key part of your mobile DJ business success.
Mobile DJ Wedding Music Programming Training
The Wedding market is one of the greatest professional performance markets for a Disc Jockey. One of the most popular types of entertainment in the wedding market are DJs. While DJs are seen as providers of dance music at wedding receptions, there are many more great opportunities for DJs in the wedding market.

DJs can provide ceremony music, sound systems, ambient music, announcements, and so much more. DJs can be one of the key factors to the success of a wedding event.

Yet, with all of this being said, the majority of most DJs are terrible entertainers, offer no personality, just care to focus on their music mix, and typically play what they want or feel with possibly some pre-selected music requests from the bride and groom. Most DJ sound systems create poor unintelligible vocals when speaking, are not balanced properly, and most simply do not know how to select the proper music for the desired results necessary to entertain all of the guests and meet the expectations of everyone involved.

The proper selection of music AND how it is played is essential to the success of a DJ. It is much more than just beat-mixing. So much more.  

Properly programming music for a wedding dance floor and a diversified audience is both an art and a science. It requires music programming based on deeper wedding industry knowledge and the psychology of human behavior and response. This, when combined with a deeper understanding of the music, types and genres, programming mix, sequencing, insider’s secrets, and true audience reading and understanding leads us to develop the ideal programming of music created especially for today’s wedding market and audience expectations.

This is really a thing of beauty when experienced live and creates the perfect party celebration for everyone of all ages in attendance. You will receive tremendous rave reviews, return bookings, and clients for life once you have learned and masters this dynamic music programming what is unavailable anywhere else. It is a true game-changer!

This was fully created by us as one of the early pioneers of the mobile DJ and wedding DJ industries. We have trained a select number of DJs to this system, only recently has this now been made available to others in the DJ industry or those starting a new DJ business operation.

The Disc Jockey is one of the most important and crucial elements to the success and memories of a wedding celebration. These are celebrations of a lifetime and you, as the DJ, have been selected to lead and assure the success of this celebration. You do not want to leave the music programming to chance - or personal beliefs, theories, and uninformed, uneducated opinions. As a DJ you are a trusted specialist, an authority. Having the proper professional music programming is the sole key to your success and the success of the events and celebration of which you perform. We show you not only how to properly program the music for top wedding celebrations but to create a “DJ Show” - a full DJ performance from start to finish that is much more than just playing good music - it is an full entertaining “show” with Manu crucial components - something missing form the majority of DJ performances. Rise to be the top wedding DJ professional in your market with our specialized training.
Stage Hypnosis Coaching/Training
Personal one on one training and coaching for Stage Hypnotists of all levels from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals covering the approach and development of
your business, performance, and back-end products.
Basic & advance hypnosis techniques
Minimum of three useful stage inductions
Developing and crafting all aspects of a full professional stage hypnosis performance:
Selection of the best subjects
Audience management
Comedy techniques
Skits & routines
Sound systems
Music & production
Business Operations
Understanding & selection of performance markets
Basic Marketing
BOR & Product Merchandise
…and much more!
In-Person Location Training available upon request - Pricing subject to availability location, season, and current level of training/coaching
Payments are accepted by cash, credit card, debit card, and through Paypal., Venmo, and Zelle.

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